Student Response System

The Student Response System (SRS) allows instructors to pose questions and gather students’ responses during a lecture. Student response systems are also commonly referred to as clickers, classroom response systems, personal response systems, or audience response systems.

At Northwestern, faculty members have two options for the SRS: a TurningPoint device or mobile.  The TurningPoint device includes the “clicker” (for the student) and and a receiver (for the instructor); the mobile platform allows students to respond using their own networked devices such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

The instructor creates interactive presentations on Turningpoint software installed on their computer.

During class, students respond to the questions or problems posed in the presentation by using their clickers or mobile devices. The receiver on the instructor’s computer gathers the data and can display summaries of students’ responses. Answers are also stored electronically for later viewing.

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