Microsoft Aspire School Program (MASP)

What Is MASP?

Microsoft Aspire School Program (MASP) is an innovative program developed to enrich school campuses with state-of-the-art solutions & create a positive learning impact for accelerating student success. By providing access to the latest technology & advanced teaching-learning resources, this pioneer program by Microsoft aims at promoting the vision of thought leaders in the education industry of enriching student learning outcomes.

By adopting the program, K12 educators can redefine the classroom experience with tools and prepare future-ready students, teachers, and campuses.

Classrooms, be it in a school or college, are slowly inching towards infusion of modernity in the education system, driven by adoption of the latest technology.

With an aim to transform education in these unprecedented times, Microsoft brings in MASP Reboot – the all new avatar of Microsoft Aspire School Program to help you accelerate education forward.

Product Features 

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 for enhancing administrative efficiency and teaching-learning process via the real-time collaboration of teachers & students with top-notch industry experts.

  • Create share, collaborate & educate students by creating useful study resources via Word, Excel & PowerPoint
  • Utilize platforms such as Newsfeed & Yammer for better social networking
  • Share interactive institutional reports or data with Sway

Windows 10

Enjoy the latest Windows 10 version with faster, secure, and timely Windows 10 upgrades at zero cost!

  • Windows 10 devices are compatible with an array of modern technology
  • Free products & academic volume licensing
  • Inbuilt security features such as BitLocker & Windows Defender

Centralized School Management System

MASP CSMS - A complete ERP suite with centralized data management system that covers - Student Information System Management, Human Resource Management & Campus Administration.

  • KPI Dashboard: Key Performance Metrics (KPIs) assessment dashboard for mapping student academic performance.
  • Interactive e-learning: E-learning tools for creating an engaging teaching-learning environment & accelerating student progress.
  • Precise Institutional Reports: Auto-generated & auto-triggered reports comprising the entire school-related information to help stakeholders in the loop with daily ongoing activities.

Minecraft Education

Deploy Minecraft – a gamified learning platform that utilizes story-telling methods to boost creativity, problem-solving skills, and enhances the learning process for preparing future-ready students.

  • Immersive STEM learning that involves project-based lessons
  • A set of interactive games to improve student engagement in the classroom
  • Content based on story-telling & digital learning techniques

Microsoft Intune

Simplify, manage & improve productivity while protecting the data ecosystem of your school with Microsoft Intune.

  • Control access to the institutional data
  • Manage mobile apps & Window 10 devices used by the staff & faculty
  • Ensures devices in the school network are compliant with security guidelines

Online Teaching-Learning Sessions

Provision to access a series of 4 ICT curriculum-based webinars for students scheduled every month & exclusive training sessions to empower the faculty are held bi-monthly.

  • Themes for Student Sessions Include - Productivity tools such as Office 365, Yammer, Windows Apps, Microsoft Azure Concepts, Big Data, IoT, gaming, etc.
  • Themes for Teacher Sessions Include - Learning tools & technology for the 21st century, content creation, coding, cloud Azure, IoT, etc.

Office 365
Windows 10
Intune For Education
Online Learning Sessions
Gamified Learning

Unlock the MASP Reboot Value

MASP Suite empowers schools with the best of the technology and Microsoft solutions to enable immersive teaching and learning experiences for educators and students.

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