Dare To Speak To The Universe, Let It Visually Guide You

Technology and visual input are essential to today’s working environment. Besides helping get information across quickly and efficiently, integrating interactive displays into working processes helps maximise focus, interactivity and productivity.

Newline puts intuitive collaboration tools at your fingertips, helps you build an engaging, dynamic working environment and brings efficiency to your meetings. Inspire your colleagues to participate and interact, give proactive collaboration a boost!

Take your meetings to a whole new level.

  • All-in-one and hybrid solutions
  • Connect any device over any network
  • Compatible with all platforms
  • Secure, safe, and future-proof

Unmatched All-In-One Uc Solution

Newline Z Series is a powerful high-end all-in-one solution designed for the corporate workspace. Z Series features a 4K wide-angle camera, 8 microphone array, and powerful sound system including subwoofer. Together with the high-quality panel with Optical Bonded PCAP technology, Z Series provides an immersive AV experience. Bring your meetings, videoconferences, or collaboration sessions to a higher level!

When Security Is Your Absolute Priority

Understanding the corporate workspace, Newline has developed interactive displays that can meet the needs of an IT infrastructure that requires the highest level of security. Designed for work environments in the financial sector, government and universities, these interactive displays have no Android on board and are as safe as your IT infrastructure itself!

Our Antimicrobial Glass Keeps You Safe, Safer, Safest!

In most offices, interactive displays have multiple users presenting and collaborating on the same display, causing germs to easily spread. Newline has implemented a TÜV certified antimicrobial coating on the touch surface to protect you!

User Profile Settings

Home screen and carefully tailored settings can be saved for teachers, students, teams, or departments. Eliminate the hassle of device and user switching – no more logging into devices and customizing the screen for your session. Perfect for today’s flexible learning environments.

Plug And Play All The Way

Streaming your setup with fast and easy USB-C connection. Thanks to plug & play USB-C, your entire setup process requires plugging in one cable – which transports data, audio, video and power. Connect and disconnect immediately or switch devices without any hassle – just plug in and get straight to teaching. No more delays, troubleshooting, or fidgety kids!

Proximity Sensor For An Eco-Friendly Workspace

Equipped with Proximity Sensor, the Newline interactive displays will power on/off automatically based on human presence in the room.

Optically Bonded 4k Display To Redefinde Clarity

Optical bonding gives you an ultra-wide 178° viewing angle. No matter where you sit in the room, the image is robust and clear.

Nteractive Ecosystem

The completely renewed Newline Ecosystem is full of software, tools and apps to help teachers teach. In your own style. That’s why the Newline Ecosystem works with any other software, document or device and covers all your interactive classroom needs.

Safety Wrapped In Colors Behind The Blue

A unique filter technology! The only way to avoid the harmful effects of blue light for health is regulating it. Unlike any of the commonly used techniques to regulate blue light, like plastic sheets, glass- or software overlays, Newline has chosen to use a solution that applies right to the source of the problem. The LED back light. Adding KSF Phosfor substrate to the LED creates a blue light filter from the source.

Outstanding Audio-Visual Quality

The 4K displays with 85% NTSC, an ultra-wide 178° viewing angle and two embedded powerful 20W speakers ensure sound and image are perfectly clear, all around the room. Low Blue Light designed with TÜV Rheinland certified provides an eye-friendly viewing experience.

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