Smart Digital Boards

Smart Digital Boards for Classroom

Collaborating with Wyvern Edu Solutions can mean a lot of things, depending on your needs. But one thing that is common, regardless of everything, is our dedication to serving you in an optimal manner. A smart board is more than just a mere tool but an amenity we wish every educational and corporate space to make the best of. Choosing Wyvern Edu Solutions means getting the best smart board price while restructuring your space.

Presenting Better Plans For Futuristic Learning

Learning is an aspect that most benefits from the upheaval of technology. With Wyvern Edu Solutions, whether you are an educator or an institution head, we are here to assist you so learning is made futuristic and the best. A smart board for classroom will encourage holistic learning with the use of advanced tools. Investing in better education means investing in a new-age smart board for teaching that educators will find better to use and that students will learn faster from. We believe first in the training of teachers so they can understand the concept of using technological tools in classrooms, then letting students make the most of these amenities.

We Partner with Leading Names To Bring The Best To You

If inclusive learning in today’s time is your goal, it is just one collaboration away where you can make the most of our partnerships with leading names like Newline and Microsoft that help us take technology to the farthest places in hopes of optimal learning. We assist you in realizing the potential of your office or educational institution with world-class solutions.

  • Newline smart digital board comes packed with features like apps, planners, and video conferencing tools that enable corporate offices to organize their meetings into interactive sessions that will be more productive. Get more done in less time with the best digital boards from us.

  • Our Microsoft Aspire School Program (MASP) helps in smart board teaching that will create a future-ready campus with the most advanced tools on hand. Students are able to learn from and use the latest versions of Microsoft Office 365 for an all-around accelerated learning experience.

  • Our association with Microsoft further enables a smart classroom with advanced features that adapt to the needs of the students, teachers, and other factors. AI boosts curriculum, while Microsoft Teams enrichens the virtual classroom experience, makes the most of Windows Education, and gets the educational version of Minecraft to make learning fun.

Presenting Better Plans For Futuristic Learning

The corporate offices benefit largely from the use of innovative technological solutions. Joining hands with Wyvern Edu Solutions means transforming offices into places where teamwork means smart work. Get the most out of brainstorming, compile ideas, and prioritize goals better with technology that adapts to your needs.

Compile those good ideas during meetings and make the most out of them. Teamwork also needs a complement that will streamline a train of ideas so they are better organized. With us, your business will achieve more than before. Thus, a collaboration with Wyvern Edu Solutions is a decision to prosper.

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