Interactive Smart Board

Your search for the best digital solutions has come to an end. Yes, Wyvern Edu Solutions is your one-stop destination if you wish to explore the various prospects of an interactive board. These are applicable in all spaces that require creation, learning, and meeting goals. Wyvern makes these spaces meet the best of technology in the form of an interactive smart board. Count on us for a better experience without missing out on innovation.

Interactive Board for A Better, Faster Learning Experience

Every educational space needs interactive classroom boards that will boost the engagement of the students while also serving the teachers as an innovative tool. Classrooms are places with the most potential for ideas and creativity. We at Wyvern mean to bring teachers on board with us in making learning a better experience for all those involved.

An interactive panel for classroom helps hold the children’s attention longer, which is a fruitful prospect for digital learning. Teachers are able to use all the tools and the panel itself for classroom activities, thanks to our teacher training programs which are helping hundreds of educators realize their potential and keep up with the latest developments.

We wish nothing but greater success to the students of today. To ensure they learn faster and better, our pioneer programs guarantee digital growth in all schools. We mean to bring the best of Microsoft learning tools to the teacher’s disposal through interactive panel for education, so learning is both interactive and exciting.

We Make Offices Fruitful Spaces

Corporate spaces like offices are part of our two-fold agenda, which means to boost productivity and growth in important spaces. Teamwork is made easier when you work with us in refurbishing your offices with essential technology.

  • Make meetings hassle-free and more productive with Newline interactive digital board, designed to equip you with productivity tools like agenda and planners.
  • Video conferencing is the single-best feature of our digital boards that will connect team members across offices and spaces to deliberate and brainstorm ideas in an innovative space.
  • Casting is made even more effortless when you choose our interactive flat panel, which is powered by Newline Cast. The need for elaborate cable is thus eliminated, letting you work your way through presentations better.
  • Make the most of the meeting with pre-installed apps supported in Android and Windows operating systems.

Collaborating with us can reap a lot of benefits in the office spaces. Count on us for the technological innovation, and let us do the rest.

Working Smart Not Hard, Is What We Believe In

The use of an interactive whiteboard means getting better results out of your work. But better shall not mean harder. We believe that by collaborating with us, you can work smarter. That implies the use of the best digital tools to accelerate learning and productivity. We bring you the best of technology. The stakeholders involved in education and corporate inspire us to constantly work towards bringing the best available technology to you.