Spark passion for learning

As an educator, your goal is to help others learn and engage them in ways that expand their knowledge. Newline makes it easier for you to keep students interested during class with tools designed for better collaboration and more creative learning.

Level up the interaction, engagement, and productivity

Newline’s education solution is deigned to increase engagement through the interactive software and for students to be proactive to the materials. 

Education Solutions
Education Solutions

Distance learning without boundaries

The video conference software and built-in whiteboard creates an ideal environment for distance learning. Join the class remotely and hold the lecture from anywhere you want to

Hassle-free multi-touch display

A collaborative experience that lets students interact using a stylus or their fingers. The responsive display allows multiple students to touch and draw on screen at the same time, lag-free.

newline display management

Solutions Designed for Education

K-12 Education

Higher Education

Home learning

Newline Software

Education Solutions
Newline Interactive Panel

Newline Accessory

Newline Interactive Panel
Newline Digital Board

Meet Cam Set

Newline Chromebox

Education Solutions

You bring your passion to teach. Newline Interactive will get your students excited to learn.

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