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We believe that school uniforms play a major role in building memories of childhood. Uniform should be made of extra durable so that our kids will outgrow them, not wear them out. Hence we are proud to offer a great selection of quality apparel to suit the needs and identities of different schools. Our selection of uniforms for educational institutes are perfectly tailored using superior quality fabric bringing in the State-of-the-art uniform attire.

Our scope of expertise includes shirts, trousers, shorts, pinafores, skirts, t-shirts in house colors, sportswear, blazers, hoodies, shoes, socks, belts, tie etc. School uniforms for different days, sports uniform, yoga uniform, college uniforms, event uniforms are all available in customized packages for you to choose from.

And don’t forget about their backpacks for school! it’s the one piece that will go with them no matter what they are wearing. Our backpacks are sized just right for your child, whether they are in preschool or high school, and come in great styles with lots of pockets and zippers

If you are thinking it might be time for a change, we will work with you to make the transition as smooth and pain free as possible.

“Our uniform is part of our school identity uniting our students and we hope that they take pride in wearing it”

– Bryn Thomas

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