Raspberry Pi using Python Training

Raspberry Pi is a mini credit card sized computer, it can replace a desktop computer because of its numerous applications. It has a 64 bit Quad core CPU with the processing speed of 1.2GHz and RAM of 1GB. 

Workshop Highlights

  •   Introduction to Raspberry Pi.
  •   Basic commands and statements.
  •   Basic Programming.
  •   Interfacing.

Key Benefits

  •   Completely an activity based process for Engineers.
  •   This will enhance their skill in all the areas so that they can compete in any National or International Competition
  •   Helps them making their final year project, face any type of interviews where practical aspects are questioned.
  •   The program makes them Technology competent.
  •   Enhance your Knowledge by Practical Training.

Course Content

1. Introduction to Raspberry Pi:

                    • Overview of raspberry pi
                    • Downloading and installing the NOOBS

2. Basic commands and statements:

Introduction to python

                    • Basic syntax
                    • Python identifiers
                    • Keywords
                    • Variables
                    • Python operators
                    • Standard data types
                    • Python conditions
                    • Loops
                    • Python functions
                    • Array

3. Basic Programming:

  •   Introduction to raspberry pi
  •   Booting the os
  •   Configuring raspberry pi
  •   LED blinking
  •   LDR
  •   IR sensor
  •   Servo motor
  •   Motor driving
  •   Ultrasonic sensor
  •   Seven segment display

4. Interfacing:

  •   Motor and IR sensor interfacing
  •   Motor and Ultrasonic sensor interfacing
  •   IR sensor Interfacing with buzzer
  •   Controlling 4 terminal LED
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