This foundation of electronics course is designed for participants of all skills levels. Participants will gain experience of working with a wide range of electronic components.
You can open all kinds of doors for advancement in so many careers with a basic understanding of electronics. Think of all of the fields and hobbies that involve electronics to some degree! This “Robotics: Learn by building”
series of courses focuses on robotics – which itself is a very diverse field that has application in everything from industry,  manufacturing, laboratory work, or military, even in-home automation.

                                             Workshop Highlights

  • Briefing the components.
  • Integrated Circuits.
  • Sensors.
  • Communication.
  • Simple Circuits.
  • IC Based circuits.
  • Projects without microcontroller.

                                                        Key Benefits

  • Completely an activity based process for Engineers.
  • This will enhance their skill in all the areas so that they can compete in any National or International Competition
  • Helps them making their final year project, face any type of interviews where practical aspects are questioned.
  • The program makes them Technology competent.
  • Enhance your Knowledge by Practical Training.

In this Training, you will build electronic circuits, make electronic components from basic level and use them in your circuits, learn about electronics, real world skills and basic analog/digital electronics. You’ll need some basic math’s skills. No prior knowledge of electronics is required, and yet by the end of this course you’ll have
built functioning electronic circuits like light flashers, sound effects, and controlling the robotics engineer’s best friend, the servo motor which is a motor that turns to a specific direction at your command. Start through the lessons today to begin your personal education journey towards your goals – a horizon now filled with so many more opportunities because of your new-found knowledge.

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